Why Choose VENTAC

At VENTAC, our mission is to fill a crucial gap between basic online resources and more expensive law firms to provide legal counsel, forms, and other mission-critical resources efficiently and effectively.

Affordable Resources

We provide a range of legal resources at subscription-based pricing.

Our  membership levels allow you to choose the plan that suits your needs.

 All membership are monthly, so no long term commitment is necessary.

Business Law Expertise

Our Forms & Knowledge Base are tailored to the innovators and startups operating in our digital world.

Our network lawyers have vast experience advising companies just like yours, so you can rely on their advice.

Legal Consults Included

All membership levels get access to all services, including a number of monthly legal consultations that are included in the subscription.

If further consultation or legal work is needed, our network attorneys provide those at a 25% discount off their standard rates.



Jim Chester, a partner in Klemchuk LLP in Dallas, Texas.  He is a technology and business attorney who solves legal challenges for innovation-based entrepreneurs and dynamic companies. His experience spans 25+ years of technology and business law, including business formation and governance, business & technology transactions, intellectual property (IP) registration and enforcement, licensing agreements, ecommerce law, acquisitions, and international business transactions.

He has also been a business and entrepreneurial law professor at Baylor University Law School, SMU’s Cox School of Business, the University of Dallas, and Texas A&M University (Commerce).  

As is evident from his law practice and teaching, Jim’s passion is mentoring and working with digital entrepreneurs and technology-based businesses.  However, the economic realities of modern law firms make it difficult for many of these businesses to afford the rates charged by experienced practitioners like Jim.  To address this problem, in 2020 he founded VENTAC to provide an affordable option for technology businesses to have access to industry-based legal resources and counsel so that they have the opportunity to grow and succeed. 

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Is VENTAC a Law Firm?

No. VENTAC is not a law firm.  Member legal consultations are provided through our network of independent Provider Law Firms (“PLFs”). Our network attorneys provide subscribers legal advice on a range of subjects, but if further legal advice is needed, the Member would engage the PLF directly (*and get a 25% discount off their standard rates!).  VENTAC does not receive any information or payment from the PLFs related to your use or engagement of their services.

Is there a limit to how often I seek legal counsel?

VENTAC Members can schedule telephone or video call consultations of up to 25 minutes with a participating Provider Law Firm during normal business hours, for each new legal matter. This can include a review of short documents and contracts (typically up to 3 pages), subject to the 25-minute time limit.  The number of included legal consultations per month will depend on your Member Plan level.

​If a Member needs legal services beyond the phone consultation (such as reviewing longer contracts, additional/longer consultations, in-person meetings, drafting/editing agreements, entity formation, trademark registration filings, etc.), the Member may choose to engage the Provider Law Firm for such services. In such instances, the Member is entitled to a twenty-five percent (25%) discount from the Provider Law Firm’s standard hourly rates for representation.

Can I get additional legal consults?

You can if you upgrade to the premium Enterprise plan.  If you need more than that, however, you would need to pay for the PLF attorney (of course, their rate would be discounted by 25%).

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes. Certain educational, veteran and incubator programs can negotiate group discount rates. If your program or school is interested, have them  Contact us.

Does My Membership Give Access to My Co-Founders?

Only one login per membership is allowed and logins cannot be shared with your partners and other members of your company.

However, you are welcome to include your co-founder, venture partners and/or employees in Venture Coaching sessions and legal consultations that you schedule.

Is there a limit to how many forms I can use?

No limit to how many/often you use forms. Our Members have unlimited access to our business and legal forms database 24/7 via the eSecureDocs platform. The forms are copyright protected, however, and can only be used by our Members and their venture partners. The cannot otherwise be sold, posted, or shared.  

There is a limit to how many forms can be sent directly from the eSecureDocs platform for signature (though that can be increased via subscribing to eSecureDocs, directly), but you are free to edit and download as many forms as you like

Malayshia Pouncil, CEO/Founder, Organiklyu LLC

“Weekly meetings with VENTAC were a joy!
These meetings not only held me accountable, but pushed me to stay on track and have something new to present before our next meeting. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with VENTAC and I think you will too! Thank you VENTAC!”

The Modern Way To Get Legal Work Done

VENTAC and its legal counsel provide high quality, cost-effective legal services on a convenient subscription basis. Get access to:

  • High-quality legal advice
  • Legal resources on demand


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